What’s Different Between 2-Post Hoists vs 4-Post Hoists?

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When you are choosing a Car Hoist, your decision will inevitably come down to either a 2-Post Car Hoist or a 4-Post Car Hoist. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

What Is A 2-Post Car Hoist?

A 2-Post Car Hoist is designed to raise cars and trucks for easy access to the underside of a vehicle for maintenance and repairs. They only have two “feet” that touch the ground, making them better suited for a garage with little ground space.

What Is A 4-Post Car Hoist?

A 4-Post Car Hoist is designed to be more flexible, lifting a vehicle to any height so that the mechanic can operate at a position that feels comfortable for them. They have four “feet” that touch the ground, meaning they usually take up more space.

2-Post Car Hoists vs 4-Post Car Hoists

Overall, a 2-Post Car Hoist is better suited for smaller spaces, where it can function well in a room that’s only 3 metres tall. Alternatively, a 4-Post Car Hoist needs more room to play with, where you should expect to need at least 3.5 metres. 

However, to counteract this, a 4-Post Car Hoist can carry more weight – averaging an 18,000kg carrying capacity as opposed to a 2-Post Car Hoist’s smaller 8,000kg. The decision between the two, then, comes down to the type of work you will be doing. Ask these two questions:

1) Is a 2-Post Hoist or 4-Car Hoist more suitable for my garage or workshop?

Depending on whether you want to control the height of the car as you work, you would be better suited for a 4-Post Car Hoist. See, 2-Post Car Hoists are only really good for working on the underbelly of a car.

2) Can a 2-post Hoist or 4-post Hoist be used outdoors?

The majority of 2-Post Car Hoists and 4-Post Car Hoists can be installed where you like. However, they will require extra care to be kept in working condition. Over time, excess exposure to rain, snow, and wind can cause problems with your equipment.

Costs & Maintenance Comparison

How Much Do 2-Post Hoists & 4-Post Hoists Cost?

At AAQ, 2-Post Car Hoists cost between $3,000-$5000 AUD and 4-Post Car Hoists range between $5,000-$12,000 AUD.

What is the maintenance required for a 2-post or 4-post Car Hoist?

Both 2-Post Car Hoists and 4-Post Car Hoists require regular maintenance to keep them in operational condition. Every month, you should check the adjusting locks, inspect and test the cable connections, ensure all the bolts and pins are tight, and that there aren’t any loose or damaged parts. 

Choosing the Right Car Hoist

By now, there should be a clear answer as to whether you need a 2-Post Car Hoist or a 4-Post Car Hoist. 

Ultimately, if you are mainly doing light and simple jobs like changing vehicle tyres, a 2-Post Car Hoist would be best. Or, if you need to work on a variety of different car projects each day, a 4-Post Car Hoist would be more appropriate. 

Space, function, and cost might also come into the equation.

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