Scissor Lift vs 2 Post Car Lift

When you’re frequently working on the underbelly of cars, you can’t rely on temporary solutions like air hydraulic jacks

You need the vehicle to be held at a comfortable working height for sustained periods of time, making a car hoist a worthy and back-saving investment. 

Choosing Between Scissor Lifts vs 2 Post Car Lifts

However, with so many choices out there (including Scissor Lifts and 2 Post Car Lifts) it can be difficult to decide which is the best option for you.

What Is A Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is a type of lifting equipment that utilises a scissor mechanism to raise and lower heavy loads. It consists of a platform, also known as a table, which is supported by a series of crisscrossed metal arms that expand and contract like a scissor when the platform is raised or lowered.

What Is A 2 Post Car Lift?

A 2 post car lift is a type of vehicle lift commonly used in automotive repair shops, service centers, and garages. As the name suggests, it consists of two vertical posts that support a platform, or carriage, that is used to lift a vehicle off the ground.

Scissor Lifts vs 2 Post Car Lifts

Although Scissor Lifts and 2 Post Car Lifts essentially share the same function, some key differences between the two will make one more suited to your specific requirements.

Lift Capacity

Depending on the model, the carrying capacity of a Scissor Lift can range between 2700-5500kg. Comparatively, 2 Post Car Lifts can shift up to 8000kg.


On average, Scissor Lifts will hold a vehicle around 1 metre off the ground. 2 Post Car Lifts, on the other hand, can go almost double this number… as long as your garage is tall enough.


As long as they are placed on even ground, both Scissor Lifts and 2 Post Car Lifts are safe to work under. Just be sure to always check the equipment before use.

Space Requirements

Due to their design, 2 Post Car Lifts need at least 3 metres of vertical clearance. Luckily, they take up very little ground room. Scissor Lifts are the exact opposite of this, needing more floor space but less height.

Ease of Use

You’ll need more training to operate a 2 Post Car Lift than a Scissor Lift, as it can be more complicated to master. However, neither requires a specific license.


Once you’ve driven a car’s tyres squarely onto the platform of a Scissor Lift, you’ll be good to go. With a 2 Post Car Lift, though, you’ll need to assign a bit more set-up time, making sure the arms are under the right part of the vehicle.


At AAQ, you’ll find that Scissor Lifts cost anywhere between $3000 to $12000. Our 2 Post Car Lifts start at around $3000 but cap out at $5000, making them more affordable.


To maximise their lifespan, both Scissor Lifts and 2 Post Car Lifts need regular services (every 3 months for the former and every 1 month for the latter). The repair costs will be fairly similar, depending on which part of the machine has been damaged.

Which Type of Car Lift is Best for Your Needs?

As you start to compare the differences between Scissor Lifts vs 2 Post Car Lifts, you’ll quickly discover that one will be more suitable for your needs. 

Whether you have very little room to work with or are on a tight budget, browse AAQ’s range today and find the perfect option for your garage.

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