2 Post Hoists

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2 Post Hoists

2 Post Car hoists are one of the most popular models of vehicle hoists used throughout the Australian Automotive Industry. At AAQ we understand what it takes to design and manufacture heavy-duty, durable, and exceptional quality vehicle hoists that are fully Work Safe Design Registered and exceed Australian Standards.

Our 2-post range includes clear floor and base plate models. Depending on your workshop requirements we have the hoist to suit your needs. The heavy-duty AL-9000 and AL-9500 series of hoists are the perfect addition to a busy automotive workshop.

Looking for a more compact unit for your home workshop then check out the AL-6214 and AL-6254 models. Fitted with features such as tool trays, adjustable pads, height adaptors, and single side safety lock release make these hoists the ultimate addition to any home workshop.

Every hoist comes with an installation manual with all the information you need to assemble and install your own hoist. Workshop manuals are also available online, check each product listing to download today!

For all FAQs and common questions on 2-post hoists, read our blog article.


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