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Car Stackers

At AAQ we took note of the increase in high rise development around Australia and recognised the need for inner city living and Australians affinity with their motor vehicles. The ability to accomodate the two would soon run into issues. The result was the development of car stackers or parking lift systems.

Our car stackers come in a diverse range to suit the varying needs of consumers from single-vehicle units for a home garage to multi-story stackers used by high-rise developers, casinos, and other commercial venues. We have expert engineers to liaise with developers and assist with installation.

We provide single-car stackers, two-car stackers, three car stackers and four-car stackers. We also supply rotary parking lift systems. Our team provide on going support and advice and we welcome you to contact us should you have any queries or need advice.

For all FAQs and commonly asked questions on car stackers, read our blog.


Car Stackers

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