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On-Car & Off-Car Brake Lathes

At AAQ, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient brake maintenance, which is why we offer a range of both off-car and on-car brake lathes (brake disc machines). Our selection features quality-built machines with heavy-duty casting, designed to reduce vibration and increase performance for precision brake machining.

Off-Car Brake Lathes

Our off-car brake lathes are ideal for workshops, mechanics and automotive specialists who need to service brake discs, rotors and drums off the vehicle. These machines are designed to provide precise and consistent results, ensuring a smooth and even finish on the brake surfaces. Our off-car brake disc machines are available in different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any workshop or garage.

On-Car Brake Lathes

For those who prefer the convenience of on-car brake lathes, we also offer a range of machines that can be used to service brake discs and drums while still on the vehicle. Our on-car brake lathes are designed to provide accurate and efficient machining without the need to remove the brake components from the car. This means less downtime and faster turnaround times for your customers.

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