The AutoLift AL-1132 car stacker has only recently been released to the Australian Market and represents the current benchmark of engineering evolution for this type of device. 

Car stackers are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban developments where parking is at a premium. AAQ Australia has just completed this 17 car stacker installation at an apartment complex in inner city Adelaide.

The tenants required an easy solution to storing their classic car on the top platform and their everyday vehicle underneath.

The AutoLift AL-1132 can be configured to suit the customers’ requirements, either as a shared column two level vehicle storage or as individual lifts in a side by side configuration. The shared column configuration enables an assembly which incorporates two separate lifts with a shared common support column, which is space saving and provides an extremely stable installation.

The design for this device is based on a fully hydraulic system which is significantly superior to the traditional chain over hydraulic mechanism used in other car stacker systems.

The lifting platform is stabilised by a chain balance system to ensure that the lift remains level during raising and lowering, while the platform is fitted with a fully automatic electro/mechanical safety lock system. The safety lock ensures the elevated platform remains locked in position at all times, other than for ascent or descent operation.

The compact design of the AL-1132 can be designed with a 2100, 2200 or 2300mm wide platform.  The extended platform width is designed suit a wider range of vehicles, such as 4WD’s and SUV’s which are becoming increasingly popular in the Australian marketplace.


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